Design Build

Owner Representation &Consulting

In addition to our General Contracting services we offer a Design Build Service.  We act as your representative and coordinator from the projects conception.  We feel that the construction process should be a collaborative effort between the owner, design professionals, and building experts.  Our team has the experience to represent your interests both creatively and financially.  In this comprehensive construction plan we consider ourselves your investment manager.  

“The Process” 

The process begins with a real estate market analysis evaluating the prudence of the investment you are considering.  The analysis will contemplate your homes current valuation and the valuation of the projected work. 
Next we will help you to build a construction team that suits your needs and that best fits the architectural style and specific construction requirements.  The team will include the architectural firm of your choosing, as well as, Interior Design professionals, Structural Engineers and all of the technical contractors needed to produce the project.
Together we will create the “Scope of Work” documentation that encompasses your specific desires.  This documentation allows the entire team to conduct their individual roles with more clarity and accuracy.

Many people underestimate the complexity of construction and find themselves in the middle of something they may not have time for, or lack the experience to avoid budget shortfalls or drastic schedule changes.  We believe that the success of a project can be determined before the physical construction begins.  Organized and thorough preparation will allow the project to stay within budget and on schedule.

Once the preliminary planning and conceptual design is complete construction will begin.  We hope that the collective hard work of our planning phase will allow you to enjoy the construction experience much more.