Las Animas Films

Las Animas films was established in 2010.  Our first project is a film documenting the process of restoration that is taking place in Cuba.  The story “Stone by Stone” combines efforts of the city historian and the architects to protect the heritage, as well as, the human efforts of the Cuban people that have relied on their strength and determination to protect what is theirs.


“Stone by Stone”

©Ari Larraz 2010

Join Ari Larraz in his exploration of some of the world’s most beautiful architecture. “Stone by Stone” introduces us to the historic and beautiful architecture of Cuba. This island, a neighbor so close and yet forbidden to so many, is filled with architecture as enchanted as its people. Meet the historians, the architects, and the craftsman that are saving the architecture of Cuba one building at a time.

Ari will join in the process learning the old world techniques that are so crucial to the accurate and authentic restoration. He will work alongside the incredible characters that work on these projects and document the nobility that they feel through their efforts.

Watch the triumph of Cuban ingenuity and the power of unrelenting persistence. “Stone by Stone” demonstrates how the Cuban model can teach us all that historical buildings should be preserved, and the one that just got bulldozed was a piece of history that has been lost forever. Enchanted architecture and vivacious people determined to tackle a seemingly unimaginable task.