The construction that we put in place should outlive us as a monument to sense, style, durability, and value.  Achieving this benchmark is a complicated task requiring teamwork, communication, determination, energy, and intelligent compromise.

Larraz Building Excellence adds value to our clients’ projects by taking a holistic approach to the process and the product, and understanding that we are managers of our clients’ construction assets.  Our goal has always been to create an environment of trust and integrity.

Style matters.
Relationships matter.

The Details


It is imperative to us that our preliminary estimate is as accurate as possible.  We will go on record to say that, through our observations and experience, this is not the industry norm.  Larraz Building Excellence is trying to stop the trend of “Low Ball Estimating” and consequential homeowner disbelief in the information presented.  We have always tried to give the best consultation possible despite the competitive disadvantage that may be created.

Scope of Work

The scope of work is very important.  Too often homeowners begin to understand the scope of work half way through the project.  This tells us that there has been a lack of communication, and or, bad consultation.  Scope of work documentation is critical to understanding what you are getting and how much it costs.  This is the map that is needed for efficient travel, without which we are “bushwhacking”.


I’m Ari Larraz and I love building things.  I always have.  In my heart I am a carpenter, wood worker, cabinet maker, and maybe an artist.  Moving to Denver I became a contractor because I saw it as the only way to provide the quality that is important to me.  I want my clients to have faith in my honesty and to trust my abilities. 
Relationships Matters

It is not the size of the project that intrigues me, it is the details.  Building is an opportunity to create unique and intriguing spaces while avoiding mediocrity.
Style Matters….

I have surrounded myself with a group of fantastic people who have the same interests.  Build for the love of building and do it the best you can.  Designing and building homes is our passion.  We love working with a good team of architects, designers, and homeowners, to create a one of a kind project.  The devil is in the details, but he doesn’t have to be.
Quality Matters